It’s been a quiet few months for me as far as fiction releases have gone, but I always knew I wasn’t going to get far into 2015 without publishing something – and right now, that something is ‘Servants of the Nexus’, the first story in my Wayfarer Chronicles, which I’ll be adding to throughout the year. First of all, here’s the fabulous cover:


There are a thousand thousand realms in the Nexus. Someone has to protect them from themselves – and each other.

As a Wayfarer, one of the immortal Kin, it’s Saenumandua’s job to police the illicit sale of information between worlds. Trouble is, only another Wayfarer could do the selling, and rogue Kin are dangerous beasts.

When one of them breaks into Saenu’s home, she’s left chasing a trail of clues that leads her to the city of Howl, a place of lumbering automatons and neon streets. With the aid of fellow Wayfarer Cam – and his guardian angel – Saenu must take back what was stolen and face an old foe, one who leaves nothing but devastation in his wake.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve decided to post ‘Servants’ on Wattpad, a great site for free, serialized fiction. I’ll be putting up a new chapter ever Friday for the next nine weeks, at which point the novella will go up on Amazon, Kobo and similar.

If you’re already on Wattpad, have a read, and perhaps stop by and say hello – and even if you’re not, you should still be able to read the story. Free fiction! What’s not to like?