Join me on Goodreads!

In my quest to keep my active internet profiles to a minimum, I’ve been resisting the urge to sign up to new sites in recent months. However, it’s impossible to ignore how vibrant and influential the Goodreads community can be and readers and writers alike, and with Sanguine now available to buy, I thought it was about time I joined (I had a member profile years ago which I never used, and from which I occasionally get emails telling me I’ve been reading the same book for 1000+ days…).

As a result, you can now find my Goodreads author profile here. I’ve been updating my bio and publishing details, adding links and pictures, and generally getting my house in order. If you’re both a reader of this blog and a member of Goodreads, I’d love to see you over there, too! Add me as a friend, have a look at my book page (one so far, but more to come very soon!) or just have a nosy at what I’m currently reading.