Introducing Words Are Hard

Bannerfinal1It’s not something I’ve talked about much on this blog, but I’m a massive fan of writing-related podcasts and have been for a few years now. I’ve also, in the past, thought about starting a podcast of my own, but could never quite summon the nerve. Just sitting alone, talking into a microphone, is somehow a lot more intense than chatting to a group of friends, so I always tended to confine my personal writing thoughts to this blog.

Well, no longer! After being brought together by the Guild Wars 2 fan-site Chronicles of Tyria, a group of us intrepid writers have dived into the podcast pool. Every two weeks, we’ll be chatting about writing topics — fan-fiction and character creation have been our first two episodes — as well as including the occasional review/story chat of a game, book or film.

Essentially then, if you want to hear me talk about writing in far more detail than I usually do on this blog, or you just like podcasts in general, you should head on over to Words Are Hard, and listen to our first episodes. You’ll also be able to find us on iTunes soon.

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