The Dagger Queen

Skye Eskel has taken the throne of her kingdom. Despite opposition from all sides and a prophecy that promised her country’s destruction, she’s fought her way to the throne. Even as she secures her position, though, threats are mounting, from the blood cult led by her own estranged sister, to the vicious ghosts they’ve unleashed.

She has new visitors to contend with, too. Stuck playing host to a delegation from the Imaldran Empire, Skye must navigate a prince’s demands, even as traitors rise all around her. Prince Inigo has an offer to make, one that might finally give this new queen the strength she needs to dismantle her enemies – or see her crown in the hands of a foreign king.

And despite all her efforts, the revenants are getting stronger. If Skye can’t find a way to defeat them, whoever holds the throne will cease to matter. If both ghosts and Nocturnes can’t be overcome, it won’t be long before there’s nothing left to rule.

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