Lady of Swords

Queen Skye Eskel is in exile. With her friends scattered and a foreign prince – her own husband, no less – on the throne, her kingdom is held in thrall by those she once allied with. Her resources are few, and her options fewer; in fact, the only way to win back her crown might be to make a deal with the very man who betrayed her.

The fate of her nation isn’t Skye’s only concern. The newly freed revenants have gone south, taking their chaos and destruction to the Imaldran Empire. Worse, Skye’s estranged sister seeks to use them for her own purposes, setting in motion a race for possession of the final Sovereign Blades. If she finds them, Tawny will once again have the upper hand, and seek to bring about a reign of darkness.

And the biggest battle of all might not be with elves, or Nocturnes, or Imperial princes. If Skye can’t recover the fire that’s spurred her on for so long, she risks surrendering any hope of peace, for herself or for her country. With her confidence in ruins, darkness threatens to overwhelm her. After everything she’s lost, and found, and lost again, can she ever find a way back to the light?

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