Burning Bridges

Never get your hands dirty.

Don’t let jobs turn personal.

Stay away from magic.

Three simple rules – and Ark’s about to break them all.

It takes a lot to succeed as a middleman in the city of Ardom Wave. Treading the fine line between those in power and those who aren’t (but want to be), Ark and her partner Fable manage to keep their heads down, stay ahead of the law, and always turn a profit.

Until Lady Vesper comes calling, anyway. A face from Ark’s past, she brings with her a string of enemies and a dangerous, but lucrative, job. Treachery and ancient relics aside, it might just be enticing enough to make this pair of middlemen – or middlewomen, anyway – burn all their bridges to fulfil it.

‘Burning Bridges’ is the first in the Ark & Fable series of novellas.

You can find it online using the following links:

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