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Latest Releases


Servants of the Nexus (Wayfarer Chronicles #1)

An old foe threatens destruction and chaos for the Wayfarer Saenu in the first of a series of world-hopping fantasy novellas.

Star of the Everlasting (Ark & Fable #1)

Intrigue and action abound in this fantasy novella, as the middlemen Ark and Fable negotiate the twin worlds of nobility and criminality in the ancient city of Ardom Wave.


Necromancy and blood magic, assassins and illusionists, will all collide in the city of Jianyi, in this YA fantasy adventure.


17th April 2015
Spring seems to have finally sprung here in Yorkshire, and I'm getting a whole load of new fiction ready for release. My fantasy novella 'Servants of the Nexus' is now complete on Wattpad, and will be going live on Kobo and Kindle within the next couple of days (full details via the link above). After that, my pirates and airships steampunk fantasy 'The Sky Below' will be available by the end of April, the first of four books in the Flight of the Lady Firene series. That one doesn't have any buy links or store pages yet, so stay tuned as it'll be available very soon!